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Do you miss the village?

Are you needing confidence or support while mothering in this crazy world? Do you want to “unsubscribe” from the mainstream beliefs and programming around parenting? Are you curious about unschooling, raising wild kids, and learning more about your own intuition and connection to what’s within?

Mama, you already have the wisdom deep within.

My role in this life is to encourage you and to show you where and how to integrate this wisdom.

Add your email to the list to find out the details. I’m so excited to create a virtual space FOR YOU, from me, a mama who has been at this for 20 years and 10 kids later.

Membership includes all kinds of ways of connecting with the village, yourself and your Soul. Monthly virtual mama circles, extra resources, podcast, group meditations and reflections, and amazing inspiring women that you’ll learn from…plus so much more.

The Magical Mama Manifesto 🔥

💫 I believe Mother is a Divine role. We are coded for this by the women that have come before us.
💫 I believe that babies are conscious souls that choose their mothers. They come to us so we can be the mother they need in this life.
💫 I respect the initiation of birth and motherhood as rites of passage. These rites must be celebrated with ceremony and honored.
💫 I believe my body is a vessel for life, and also embodied growth and change.
💫 I honor the divinity of the Earth, as well as our yearly, monthly and daily cycles of death and rebirth.
💫 I look to the Earth and her elements as my original Mother.
💫 I trust my inner knowing and believe that every woman has this knowing, if she can access it.
💫 Mothering is the art of remembering. We remember how to nurture, not because we were nurtured but because it is in our cells to recall.
💫 Magic happens in ordinary life and I am inherently a magical being.
💫 I am here for a purpose on this Earth at this particular time in human history. I have a Soul mission.
💫 My children have and will continue to gift me with wisdom and teaching from all galaxies and realities.
💫 I recognize that anyone’s opinions of me, or how I mother, are an expression of their own consciousness or lack thereof.
💫 I believe in a higher guiding power that always acts in my best interest, for my growth and advancement in this life.
💫 As a woman and mother, I am an infinite Creatrix of all things; from people to projects and ideas.
💫 Mothers nurture, protect and guide. We access ancient wisdom in all places.
💫 I stand in the energy of a New Earth; where all people are led by their highest Soul calling and women in particular return to the powerful leadership of love, intuition, fertility and connection.

❤️ Will you join me? These are the foundational beliefs for the Magical Mama Circle. I’ll be honored to not only share, but to remember with you.