About Maryn Green

I am so glad that by some stroke of luck and Universal guidance you wound up here.

It is definitely not a coincidence that you found me, and my guess is you are a mama (or one day will be) who has some idea (however small) that she is here on Earth right now for a very specific reason.

Maybe you don’t know what that reason is. And I can relate. 21 years ago, when I birthed our first daughter, I really had no idea about anything. The journey since then has been wide and varied, and in that time we’ve created 9 more beautiful children who definitely know who they are. It’s been the incarnation of these 10 souls that has taught me the most.

(In addition, I am an eternal student in this Earth School and have and continued to be mentored by powerful beings, elders and teachers in this and other dimensions. My most influential “training” has been apprenticeships with a Celtic Shaman, an elder wise witch woman, and a few others who have taught me about everything from somatics and the language of the body to creating sacred sacred ceremony; I am truly blessed by the souls that have crossed my path in this life).

These are beings who have inevitably led me to my Soul’s work.

After leaving the music world behind two decades ago, I unexpectedly found myself knee-deep in the world of homebirth, midwifery and natural living and mothering. Now that I have hindsight, I can see these passions were always deep within me. But I had sold out in some ways to what was “expected” of me; I went to college and was on my way to a great job! These days, I wouldn’t want either of those specific things for my own kids unless that is what they want in their own hearts. The world is different; and women are different because they are finally connecting with their roots, and their ancestors, and their true desires. And the result is amazing.

We are here to change the world, starting with ourselves first.

Many of these women, like you, are having babies or will soon. It’s vital that we find ourselves along the way, because the role of Mother is not something that we’ll stay in our entire lives (yes, we will always BE Mothers but once the kids are grown and living their own lives, many women have no idea who they are). No reason to wait to connect with your destiny and your soul; you can do this, now, even while raising small people.

Remember, “magic” is your birthright.

No matter where you live, or what you think you deserve; magic is in you just waiting to be lived. I am so blessed to have been shown this path; first as a mother, then as a midwife and now also as a guide and support and teacher for other women on the path.

I can’t wait to get to know you in the Magical Mama Circle.

Love, Maryn