The Time Has Come to Remember Your Magic:

Enter the Sisterhood of Likeminded Women From Across the World and Join Us On a Journey to Remember Your Magical Self, Raise Your Magical Children and Transform the World




It’s time to throw out the mainstream narrative around motherhood…

No mother was born only to care for others, or keep up with well-visits or, to track compliance with vaccination schedules or any of the other “shoulds” we’re told to do and be. We weren’t made to sit in mainstream mothers groups and compare our babies’ and kids’ “milestones” and pass the time with small talk and meaningless conversation about nothing…


Many mamas say they don’t even know where to start; they feel like somewhere deep in them is this truth, this wisdom that is there be accessed.  But how to access it, without a map? And how do you find it when we don’t generally have women in our lives that have found it? It’s easy to feel exhausted by the day-in-day-out care of children.  But without tending to our own Souls, we sometimes can barely find the motivation or energy for being the mother (and woman) we want to be. 

“Magic is remembering who you are and why you are here, on this Earth, right now.”

“Magic” is something the fairytales teach us when we are young…

Many come to believe that word means Disney or magic wands and wishes granted by a genie. Being “magical” is your birthright, and while it may involve spells, ritual, and prayer, “Magic” refers to the innate ability you have as part of the Divine Feminine to bring life to this plane. That may be actual babies, and it probably will also be your Soul purpose or why you came to this Earth in the first place!!

You Will Feel At Home Inside Magical Mama Circle Circle If:

You’re drawn to plants, flowers, tree and/or stones, or anything on the Earth.You have this feeling like you came to earth for a reason, even if you don’t know what it is.
You can see or feel energies of other people or animals.You feel connected to the mysteries of being a woman; cycles, the Moon, fertility and conscious conception.
You want to learn more about the sacred initiations that make up a woman’s life.You have had experiences of crazy synchronicity and coincidences in your life and want to learn how to follow those. 
You feel that your children (or one day children) have incarnated from other dimensions and are here to teach YOU. You think about things like how to discern fear vs. intuition in yourself and your mothering.
You love or are interested in raising your kids with the wisdom of the Earth, and taking care of them and their health in the most natural way possible.You love or are interested in homeschooling or unschooling your kids outside of the “system.”
You crave sisterhood where you can be on your own inner journey and have a safe space to turn to for check ins and shares. You want to learn to trust yourself and learn to listen to your intuition .

My name is Maryn Green…

In my experience, raising 10 kids over 20 year has brought so much growth in my own personal and professional life. Yes, I have also had hard times too and all the normal stuff that comes with mothering like navigating arguments or picky eaters.

But I’m not here to only share about those topics, but bring my Soul energy as teacher/mama/midwife to inspire you, because YOU are here for a reason. And it may be in part to have brought amazing souls in, but I know there’s more.

I’m honored to be able to share with you the benefit from my 20 years of mothering and midwifery; leading and guiding women both individually as a midwife and as a teacher leading groups through rites of passage, initiation and deeper self work.

You Are a Mama and Also a Magical Creature

MAGIC is our internal compass of truth that allows us to believe, see and create the reality and the world we want to live in.  We need to do deep work to access our wisdom, and then trust it as we decide what we want in life.  This is a process of honesty, of deprogramming from the Matrix and what we are told being a “mother” means.  Sometimes we even go into the dark depths of our own ancestry to see that magical women have existed, quietly or invisibly in our bloodline for many eons.  

Our kids came to this physical reality with more wisdom than we did.  That said, they also need to remember why they came, and the gifts they have brought with them. When we are able to realize how magical WE are, we can also see our children more clearly as beautiful lights and help them recall what makes each of them special. 

Many of our kids can hear and see things we cannot.  Do we doubt them or encourage them? Being magical means we trust the wisdom of each being and believe there is more to this mysterious life than only what we see in front of us.  That said, it is helpful to hear experiences and stories and to know “how to deal” when these things come up in our own mothering. 

I’m Excited to Invite You to Join Me in the Magical Mama Circle!

The Magical Mama Circle is a powerful way to connect with yourself, with your Soul and a worldwide “village” of mothers on the journey to integrate the wisdom available to us. The focus is growth and transformation for you as a mother and woman! When we commit to ourselves, and have women to support us in that, amazing things happen! As a member of the circle, here’s what you can expect:

Monthly Group Divination or Tarot Card Reading

($50 Value!)

Specific Wheel of the Year Virtual Rituals and Ceremonies

(Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, ETC.)
($45 Value!)

A Year of Weekly Prompts for a Self-Guided Practice or Activity Plus Occasional Inspirational Texts

($77 Value!)

Connection With Like Minded Women

Through forum check-ins, questions and posts as often as you’d love!

All Magical Mama Circle Members Will Also Receive Access to My Witchery 101 Class!

Witchery 101 is a three class offering focused on the basics of activating the magic within each of us. Inside this class you’ll discover how to ground in and center your energy before doing anything else, how to connect with Nature more, all about the elementals and the directions so you can cast a circle, how to choose the divination tools that work best for you, how to protect your energy and clear your physical space and a lot of esoteric “extras” like animal totems, gemstones, numerology, plant communication and more.

During Our Monthly Teaching Circle, We’ll Cover Topics Like:

Energies of the Menstrual Cycle
Fertility and Conscious Conception
The “Mother Wound” and Our Ancestry
Trauma Healing Basics
Attachment and Co-Sleeping
Creating an Online Business
Sovereign Kids and Living
Intuition Vs. Fear
Finding Stillness
Magic Basics
Divination Tools and Altars
Raising Healthy Kids
Working with the Elements and Nature
Human Design
Healing After Birth
Miscarriage and Loss
Sovereign Pregnancy and Birth
Plant Communication
Pelvic Mapping and the Divine Feminine
Attracting Abundance
Ceremonies for Women’s Initiations

I Am Here To Help Magical Women Thrive!

I am mostly a very strong willed human. I know what I want and need for myself as well as for my family. Deciding to homeschool again shook me up and had me facing fears….aka repeating the past. My head was filled with static as I tried to find my way to MY truth. Thank you for being one of the bearers of clear, supporting, honest words that cut through the static. A guiding light on my path. Reminding me of my power and that I DO know. It’s already inside of me. There’s so many things I want to say! But mostly Yes, thank you, more please 🙏 In gratitude…


Maryn offers guidance in a unique and magical way. Graciously holding space for my thoughts, feelings, questions and sometimes just my rantings. She is a fantastic guide/mentor and helps me dig deep, uncover my strength, embrace myself, and find the questions and answers I am searching for. Supporting me as I navigate this sacred time, learn, and grow. I love the feelings of peace and wholeness I have after a virtual prenatal with Maryn. I feel she is truly a wise woman and a blessing in my life (and the lives of many). I am grateful for, and always look forward to, the times we connect.


I have been following Maryn’s work and Indie Birth for many years. The content is always amazing and has helped me so much on my mothering and doula journey. I am particularly drawn to the spiritual aspects of Maryn’s work and when she announced a Witchery class, I enrolled immediately! I have witchy heritage and have practiced this path of spirituality for many years, but I was very interested to learn from Maryn and her perspective on this subject. I can honestly say that this class was both magical and transformational! During the three weeks of live classes and ongoing assignments on the online platform, my life fell into a beautiful flow state. Using the practices learned in class and connecting with Maryn and other women in the circle, I felt a powerful shift in my spiritual life: my intuition became stronger, I felt guided and connected to nature, and a strong connection to my own personal power and inner peace was awakened inside me. I would highly recommend this class to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Maryn holds such beautiful space for the circle throughout the three weeks, and you will feel nurtured and grounded on this journey to connect with spirit and yourself. Thank you Maryn for sharing your wisdom and creating a magical experience.


Working with Maryn has been incredibly empowering. Maryn has so much powerful wisdom to share; and also has been so encouraging of me to listen to my own wisdom. Through our work together, I have experienced that I can be responsible for my own energetics. Maryn has a depth of presence that is non-judgmental and kind; she always shows up with loving empathy. Experiencing the quality of how truly Maryn could hold space for me was healing in and of itself. Integrating the work we’ve done together into daily practices has felt really natural. The simple yet powerful practices she has offered have given me much more control over my mood and energy throughout the day. 


Maryn holds a space of pure love and has an amazing gift of sharing her immense knowledge in a way that leaves you vibing on the highest level. Whether this is totally new to you or you’re spiritually seasoned this course (Witchery 101) has what you need to bring more awareness to the powers you hold and create conscious connection within your life. You deserve this gift you magickal being😙


I just wanted to add my own testimonial to have an appointment with Maryn! I only had one and we really just spoke about food and stuff BUT she listened to me she heard me and gave me confidence in myself and my own inner guidance through our interaction. If you have been on the fence I highly recommend just doing it! I know I am so glad that I did! It is hard to find someone who will listen to you and be there right with you like Maryn was with me! Soooo worth it!


I had a virtual prenatal session with Maryn to talk about some spiritual and emotional guidance after my third miscarriage. Maryn was extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly and helped me to identify some areas to work on whilst reassuring me of my own knowledge and power and being a spiritual cheerleader! We covered so much ground in just one session and I left feeling lighter, more confident and knowing deep within myself that I’d made the right decision seeking her guidance. I can highly recommend Maryn for help with spiritual guidance, even if you are not pregnant.


Just wanted to say thank you Maryn for so freely sharing so much of the knowledge and truths that you know. I’ve been in the “natural healthcare” lifestyle for a few years now but through taking the BWP and listening to more of your podcasts, I’m feeling an even bigger shift in my parenting and lifestyle toward having confidence in my intuition/my kids’ intuitions (as well as the holy spirits voice in our life) and going deeper into understanding more facets of this paradigm and practicing them. Thank you for not just learning and growing for yourself and your family, but also for sharing that with all of us!!! You’re changing lives!!


How to Enroll in the Magical Mama Circle

Enrollment in the Magical Mama Circle is $999 per year. The focus of the Circle is on real change and transformation and on providing ongoing support towards becoming more of your real self at home and in the world. Both current mothers and women who want to become mothers are welcome. This is not a good fit for women who aren't ready to take a journey into themselves or aren't able to invest the required time and resources INTO THEMSELVES for something of this depth and meaning. However, the time one chooses to invest will differ. Some women will have a few hours a week to devote to self-inquiry, and some will have not very much time but will choose to be present fully during the two Circles. (recordings will also be available). The Magical Mama Circle is a place where real magic happens! It exists for women who are serious about fully expressing themselves in the world and willing to step out of the confinement of the mainstream definition of mother into something far more real, powerful and magical.

Magical Mama Circle


2 Monthly Mama Circles

Monthly Group Divination or Tarot Card Reading

Specific Wheel of the Year Virtual Rituals and Ceremonies

Occasional Guest Wisdom Calls

A Year of Weekly Prompts for a Self-Guided Practice or Activity

Connection With Like Minded Women

Have a Question About the Magical Mama Circle?


Q: Who is this for?

The Magical Mama membership is for women; whether you have a new baby, older kids or want to join us as a grandmother or elder. This is also open to women that will one day have children.

Many of the topics are focused on motherhood but will prove valuable to the right women no matter what stage of life they are in.

Q: What do I receive with this membership?

You will receive: 2 calls a month that are live and then recorded. Maryn will teach the first call, and the second call (2 weeks later) will be focused on the same topic for that month but it will be a circle for sharing and questions. You will receive a year’s worth of Magical Mama journal prompts. You will receive access to occasional Wisdom calls presented by other women healers, teachers and elders. You will be the first to know about any included add ons like book clubs or other virtual social events as our membership grows. You will have access to a recored monthly card reading or other divination. You will have access to live virtual circles that center around the Wheel of the Year as holidays and celebrations arise. You will have full access to our online Circle portal; all videos, and social interactions, posts and questions will be posted there. You will receive free access to my course, a 3 week at-your-own-pace immersion in beginning magic called “Witchery 101”. This can be done anytime at any pace.

Q: How long is the membership for?

The membership is for a year, or maybe even longer once you experience how transformation can happen in a circle of women. We trust you’ll be present for what’s resonant for you and that you will see the beauty and value of what you are also co-creating. Make this commitment to yourself; you’re worth it.

Q: What if I can’t attend the virtual meetings live?

They will always be recorded and only accessible to members.

Q: How will I be able to connect with other mamas in the group?

You will have opportunity to connect on our Circle app and of course can make in person connections too!

Q: Do I have to have kids already to participate?

No. This is for women who have had children already, or will have children someday. Supporting our young women is vital and the world will change if women have this wisdom and support at a younger age. We also value our grandmothers and elders and know that the key to a long life is in sisterhood!

Q: What days and times do the live calls happen?

The 2 calls that Maryn offers are always on the 2nd and 4th SUNDAY of each month at 4 pm Eastern time zone. Please do your own time zone calculations! The calls last at least 1 hour, sometimes will be 90 minutes. Additional calls will be scheduled at other times but will always be listed in Events tab on our Circle app so that you can plan ahead.